Lifelong Body Massager with 3 Attachments
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Lifelong Body Massager with 3 Attachments


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Here’s a handy plug-in massager waiting to become your personal massage therapist. Do explore its health benefits as it helps in improving the quality of life by relieving and reducing body pain, fatigue and unwanted stress.

  • An Electric double head body massager by Lifelong
  • Extremely effective for massaging the neck, back, legs and feet
  • The long handle allows the user to effectively use the massager and reach out to areas of the body that are otherwise hard to reach with ease
  • It improves wellbeing and reduces stress, pain and stiffness in the body, making the immune system stronger
  • It also has a positive impact on your mood because of the stimulation and releasing of hormones responsible for relaxation
  • Consequently, improves productivity and overall quality of life.
  • 1-year brand warranty
  • EZMall 7 days replacement only

Dos & Don’ts: 

  • Use daily for 15- 20 minutes
  • Massage involves the rubbing and manipulating of muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments.
  • This Massager is meant for usage on muscles only and not on bones, as the vibration tapping can harm your bones.
  • Apply the full body massager at the target area and move in for slow strokes.
  • You can increase pressure by pressing the massager against your skin.
  • We recommend not to use the massager more than 15 minutes on a single point

TypeElectric Body Massager
Usage AreaNeck, back, legs, feet
Massager Body MaterialPolyvinyl Plastic
Massage Head MaterialSoft Plastic