Uniqraft 3 Pc Serving Set With 3 Serving Spoon
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Uniqraft 3 Pc Serving Set With 3 Serving Spoon


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As it's said you eat with your eyes first, and this Stainless-Steel Serve ware Set from Uniqraft will surely add magic to your food serving skills!

  • Serve hot & tasty in the 3 Pc Handi Set from Uniqraft
  • This serve ware set is made of premium quality stainless steel
  • There is long lasting laser etching on both sides of the handis
  • The set is made of 201 grade premium steel
  • It is hygienic for food storage
  • Stainless Steel is non-porous and rust-proof
  • The serve ware set comes with lifetime brand warranty on steel
  • EZMall replacement only – within 7 days from the date of delivery

TypePremium Stainless Steel Handi Set 
MaterialStainless Steel
Thickness0.6 mm
HeightSmall Handi: 7.5 cm, Medium Handi: 8.5 cm, Large Handi: 10 cm
Package Contents1 Small Handi: 14.5 cm (1 Ltr.), 1 Medium Handi: 16 cm  (1.5 Ltr.) & 1 Large Handi: 18.5 cm (2 Ltr.) and 3 Lids