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Start Earning with these 4 Simple Steps

Start Earning with these 4 Simple Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

EZSarthi is a great opportunity for EZMall customers to earn money in form of commission which is paid to them against every purchase made by their network of friends and family.
After registering as EZSarthi, you will get an EZSarthi ID. You need to refer EZMall products to your network of friends and family along with EZSarthi ID. When someone from your network makes a purchase from EZMall Call Center 0124-4702000 while sharing your EZSarthi ID, you get commission and the customer gets cashback. Both Cashback and Commission are credited after 7 days of order delivery. Once the Commission amount reaches Rs1000, the amount is transferred to your Bank account after deducting 5% TDS.
Call on our number 9810332329 to register. For registration, only your mobile no is required.
There is Zero Investment or Deposit required to become EZSarthi.
Yes. It is not necessary to be an existing customer to become a EZSarthi.
There are no documents required to start the business, however to enable fund transfer to your bank account, a scanned copy of PAN card/ Form 60 and Bank account details will be required.
The amount will be transferred to your bank account automatically once the cumulative amount has reached Rs 1000 (Only if you have updated your PAN card/Form 60 & bank account details). 5% will deducted towards the TDS.
In case you don't have PAN Card, you have to fill Form 60 and send the same to us. The amount will be transferred to bank on receipt of Form 60.
Post registration, you will receive products (Image and Details) on your WhatsApp number. You can forward same WhatsApp messages to your friends and family. In case more details are required on the product, they can call on our call center number 0124-4702000.
Commission amount will be credited to your EZCommission account. Once commission amount reaches a lumpsum of Rs 1000, it will be auto credited to your Bank account after deduction applicable TDS (Tax).

Terms & Conditions

  1. EZSarthi business program is applicable on products with Price above 700 (excluding Shipping charges).
  2. EZSarthi Commission and Cashback Structure is subjected to change. Current structure:
    • Rs 200 commission EZSarthi
    • Rs 100 Cashback to Customer
  3. Commission and Cashbacks will be not be credited in case of Cancellation or Refund. In case of Replacement, amount will be credited post 7 days of Replacement order delivery.
  4. PAN Card/ Form 60 is mandatory to enable bank transfer of EZCommission amount.
  5. Deduction of 5% TDS will be applicable on Bank transfer amount.